The Cull

The Cull is a fiction comic book about five teens who set out in the middle of the night to shoot a short film the summer before they all go their separate ways... but nothing goes as intended. Written by Kelly Thompson. Art/colors by Mattia De Iulis. Lettering by Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou. Edited by Charles Beacham. Cover design/logos by Rian Hughes.

Mattia De Iulis is, let’s face it, a comics making god. His art is absolutely breathtaking. But it takes A WHILE to do what he can do. And rightly so…
Quick and special treat today, revealing Mattia’s incredible illustration for THE CULL #1. But first another favorite panel of mine from his first…
Hi Everyone! Quick post with something VERY exciting today. Mattia and I have been hard at work for a few months now, and the first issue is shaping up…
I wish I could say things are better since I last posted, but things are grim out there. And there’s no way to paper over that. Even if you can manage…
The world is pretty scary right now and I hope all of you are doing okay out there. To be honest, everything feels a little weird right now and posting…
Obviously things are a bit crazy right now at BLACK CLOAK CENTRAL with our first big launch on Monday…but I don’t want you all to forget we’ve also got…
I’ve been a bit sick, and still playing catch up, and while that sucks for me, it’s going to be to your incredible gain today as I’m going to do a quick…
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