Reclusive Sasquatch

I read this piece by Aubrey Hirsch on Roxane Gay’s The Audacity yesterday titled “How To Be A Woman On The Internet” - and the opening line is:

“First, if you can help it, don’t be.”

And, well, I’m not sure I’ve ever read anything more true. I got a good rueful chuckle out of it.

It also reminded me a bit of this short story I wrote and illustrated for an old friend’s anthology a few years back that was about the experience of being a woman simply trying to exist in the world and how hard it can be - and at least a little bit about why I continue to be (mostly) a reclusive sasquatch — a term coined for me I believe by my former editor and friend Steve Sunu — who has never met me in person, because, well, RECLUSIVE SASQUATCH.

Anyway, I thought you guys might get a kick out of it, so sharing it with my friend Ben Cohen’s permission:

This is obviously not literally true (please, I could never do a real pull up. lol)…it’s just an art expression about…the casual cruelty of the world, the horrors of social media, publicly policing bodies, y’know, FUN STUFF! ;D

But I do think it’s pretty relatable for people. Especially these days the social media analogy.

What do you think? Relatable? No?

Also, if I promise no more poorly drawn cartoons full of existential dread will THAT make you subscribe?

Thanks for reading guys, I’m working on some cool things for later today…tomorrow…and next week. But in the meatime, feel free to share this, and I’d love to hear from you in the comments.

Like, let’s grow this little community of ours! In fact, I’d love if we could play a little introduction game in the comments to help all of us get to know eachother (and many of you likely already know each other from other corners of the web - so we’ve already got an edge here).

Give us your name (or nickname/handle/whatever is fine)…and 3 THINGS

  1. Your favorite NEW comic book you’re currently reading - and it CANNOT BE ONE OF MINE, SO MOST OF YOU WILL OBVIOUSLY HAVE TO PICK YOUR SECOND FAVORITE COMIC. ;D

  2. Favorite Superhero Movie of all time.

  3. Song you have definitely listened to the most in 2021 so far.