Captain Marvels and Spider-Mens!

Hello My Lambs!

This is one of those “free” newsletter posts that brings you up to date on what I’m doing and what’s coming out, plus the always important pictures of my cats!

Obviously there’s been a lot going on with the Substack announcement but there’s a lot of OTHER exciting stuff happening this week that isn’t even that! So let’s dig in!

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This week I have two huge books out - CAPTAIN MARVEL #33 - which is part 2 in the LAST OF THE MARVELS story line. I’m excited for you guys to check this one out, especially because I had so much fun writing Kamala in action. I haven’t got to write much Kamala, so this was a treat.

Also out this week is AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #75! This is an oversized issue for the launch of an exciting new Spider-Man story. As many of you know I am part of the writing room for this new Spidey adventure and it has been a real joy. This first issue (75) is by Zeb Wells and I really think you should check it out - as a bonus I have a short (drawn by Travel Foreman) in this issue! My first fully issue (ASM #77 - with Sara Pichelli art and Nolan Woodard colors!) will be in a couple weeks!

Also out this week is a really fun podcast I did with the guys over at The Masters of Comic Books. Give it a listen!


I got a bunch for you this week!

Since AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #75 is out TOMORROW I figure I can sneak this in:

And since CAPTAIN MARVEL #33 is out tomorrow I figure I can sneak this one out too:

Actually, let’s do two, since that one doesn’t actually include Carol:

And from BLACK WIDOW #12 (out 10/27):

And a panel from It’s Jeff! (out 10/8 on Marvel Unlimited) - if you’ve been sleeping on these there are 6 installments out already and every single one is about as cute as you can imagine!

AND! This is the first week we can add a sneak peek for BLACK CLOAK #1 to this section! This is Nida and Phaedra…and I love them so much already, I hope you will too!


This section is typically more about the things I’ve been reading and watching, or if ventured outside (ha!) I might talk about that…and I’ll do a little bit of that below, but mostly what I’ve been doing, as most of you know, is ANNOUNCING A BUNCH OF CREATOR-OWNED COMICS ON SUBSTACK. WOOO. And boy are my arms tired. Or whatever.

I won’t bore you all by repeating what you likely already know (and if you don’t know, just click on that link above) but I will repeat my thank you. Thanks to all of you that have jumped on board as paid subscribers and made this such a success already - I’m genuinely excited to go on this adventure with all of you. If you haven’t subscribed yet…a nice little button to tempt you:

When I haven’t been writing or substacking or sleeping I have been watching MAID (Netflix) and it’s excruciating but I love it anyway. I haven’t finished it yet, but it has had me in an emotional headlock in the best of ways. It does this thing on the screen where it tallies how much money the lead character Alex has at any given moment and it’s genius and also makes me feel like puking.

Adam and I also finished MIDNIGHT MASS (Netflix). I run hot and cold on Flanagan. I respect that he wants to make literary horror, but I confess that - for me - he’s better at the horror part than the literary part. But I’m a huge Hamish Linklater fan and Adam and I had heard good things, so we dug in. At the end of the third episode I was really not having a good time and wasn’t even sure I’d finish it. But we pressed on and I’m glad we did. There was still a lot of the stuff I don’t like and don’t think works (AT ALL) in the back half, but there was also a TON of really interesting, badass, creative, scary stuff that worked like gangbusters. I don’t want to spoil anything, so I won’t get into details, I give it a soft recommend. Worth it in the end (even though he partially botched the finale…dammit Flanagan! *shakes fist at sky*).


CAPTAIN MARVEL #33 - 10/6/21

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #75 (I have a short in here) - 10/6/21

IT’S JEFF - 10/8/21 (releases every Friday!)

BLACK WIDOW #12 - 10/27/21

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #77 - 10/27/21

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #78 - 11/3/21


I haven’t had time to answer any questions - although I am being more active in the comments - so please leave a comment and help me build this little community!

But I thought I’d turn Q&A around on you guys this week, because this truly is about all of you as much as it is about me:

  • What would YOU like to see here? Is there something I’m missing or something you hope to see? Alternatively, what’s your favorite thing you’ve seen on here so far - what’s got YOU excited about this adventure?


It feels like forever since I force fed you guys a cats photo. This is definitely the album cover for my boys’ second album, right? Call is something like “Nothin’ But Trouble” or “Up To No Good” or something like that.

All right. That’s about all I have time for - so I’ll catch you guys later this week where I’m hoping to give you (among other things) a couple cool interviews with creators about design process. Yay!

In the meantime, consider subscribing, considering sharing this content, and definitely leave some comments!

xo - Kelly